Purple Passion, A process

This weeks painting is Purple Passion. 

I almost threw this one out. It was one of the first images I painted and as I was finding my footing with this series I spent quite a bit of time aiming for fast. I didn't really like the final image...but I decided to put it on the back burner for a while and return to it another time.

I'm super glad I did. It didn't take much to really make me happy with the final result, but that is only because I put around 7 painting, and by extension 7 sessions of becoming more confident with the math of Goldblum's face, between me and the first pass.

Sometimes we get stuck on idea of being done before allowing ourselves to move on to another piece, but there's really nothing wrong with putting something aside until you understand the problems you're running up against better. It was only because I picked up a million small things in the time between working on on this image and coming back to it that I feel happy with the final result.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that breaks are super important. Can't figure out what's bothering you in a piece? Take a break. Walk away from the work and come back with "fresh eyes". 

Sometimes a bit of distance can give you a whole new perspective.