Grand Opening: Welcome to all of this

Hi, Hello, and Greetings all around!

Thank you so much for coming by and checking out my newest series of work.

Now, I'm sure you're all thinking, "Why just paint Jeff Goldblum? Why not paint other things too?"

The simple answer is this: Because he has the most enigmatic, interesting, empathetic face on the planet. The man is like a direct pipeline to what is fun and good in all people. He's a cypher to the strange and the beautiful. That's what I think anyhow, but what do I know. I'm just a professional artist is all. 

The longer answer is that I have been drawing Jeff Goldblum since I was 13 years old after seeing Jurassic Park in theaters over 21 times. His was the first human face I ever forced myself to learn to draw. Most middle school girls draw ponies and horses and whatever. Me?...Well. Let's just say I made my Catholic School teachers just a little bit nervous. 

I'm such a fan that in 2017 I married my wonderful husband on the Jurassic Park River Ride at Universal Studios, Florida. 

Please enjoy this photo evidence:

Jurassic Park Wedding Photo

Early in 2018 I had the misfortune to become ill with a series of very unpleasant sicknesses ranging in severity from mild antibiotics all the way to surgery. As a result I spent many weeks in bed trying to stave off depression.

I decided that as a part of my recovery, I would only paint things that made my heart happy. I took a look around myself and realized that all the people in my life who love me had gifted me with flowers and images of Jeff Goldblum as get well gifts. 

The thought process was fairly simple: I love flowers. I love Jeff Goldblum. I love that my husband loves that I love to paint flowers and Jeff Goldblum. This is good for both of us. Ah yeah. 

After about 12 paintings, I knew I should probably share them with the rest of the world as, apparently, the internet has just now figured out what 13 year old me knew all along. 

Goldblum is the freak'n best. Full stop. 

We are all so lucky to be living in this era of peak Goldblum and if you're a fan like myself, then I invite you to join me on this nuts ride of coming up with the strangest arrangements I can for no other reason than that it makes my brain and heart feel good. 

I'll be keeping a blog as I continue to work on new pieces. I hope that you'll not only enjoy being kept up to date on my latest paintings, but also even learn a thing or two about watercolor painting.

I'll be posting work in progress images (wip) and giving little tips and tricks about my process as I go.

I'm really very excited to show my work, but I'm also excited to connect with other fans of Jeff Goldblum.

So, pull up a chair, relax, and get your Goldblum on. It's a very good time, I assure you. 

Kisses yo,

-Amelie Belcher