About The Artist

Amelie Belcher is an award winning cartoonist, comic book creator, painter, art instructor, convention speaker, and raconteur. She is the creator of the ongoing web comic series "Bounty Haunters" and was the illustrator of the manga "Loud Snow". 

At the tender age of 13, Amelie fell madly in love with Mr. Jeff Goldblum around the 8th time she saw Jurassic Park in the theater opening weekend. Can we all just take a moment to thank that T-Rex for biting Jeff on the leg thus causing his shirt to remain open for the rest of the film. Good work. A+ stuff all around. 

The stars must have been aligning just right that year, as Amelie was just deciding to dedicate all her time to training herself to become an artist. Some high school kids date...Amelie drew. And drew. And DREW.

Eventually, it was time to learn to draw humans...and guess who young Amelie chose as the one face on the planet she'd want to stare at for hours at a time.

Here we are, many many many years later, and she STILL loves drawing portraits and she STILL loves Jeff Goldblum.

In the early months of 2018, Amelie was taken out of commission by a series of unexpected and unwelcome medical issues that left her depressed and home bound for over 4 months. "Boo", said Amelie, "Boo, indeed."

In an effort to stave off the blues, she decided to paint only those things that made her the happiest. 

THUS, THE GOLD BLOOMERY WAS BORN! Welcome to the only online flower shop with a splash of Goldblum.